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Welcome to NZ Extracts.

We are one of the foremost manufacturers of 100% natural NZ fruit extracts. Our Grape Seed extract has proven superior functionality. Our products are used by leading food and pharmaceutical companies globally to create a wide range of highly functional solutions for their consumers. We sell to customers in the United States, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Italy and many more countries.   

Yes we can do Organic, yes we can do Kosher, yes we are non-GMO, yes we are Vegan friendly. 

Our difference is that we use a water extraction process and the highest quality raw materials to produce concentrated and soluble powders with superior functionality claims. For example, our excellent polyphenolic antioxidant levels and benefits are all backed by science.

We freeze dry to ensure the extracts are shelf stable and of the finest quality. Extracts are available in quantities starting from 10kg (22lb) increments and are ready for fast worldwide delivery using DHL.

  • 100% New Zealand Grown
  • Waste Free
  • 100% Transparency 100% Traceability
  • NZ Sun - Low Pollution
  • Advanced molecular filtration
  • 100% Pure water extraction

New Zealand grown fruit has higher levels of antioxidants & polyphenolic compounds than fruit found anywhere else in the world.


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Water Soluble is best

Water soluble is best