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Natural, bioactive ingredients from New Zealand grown fruit designed to add functionality to supplements, foods, beverages and personal care products

Welcome to New Zealand Extracts Ltd.

At NZ Extracts we developed a unique, water-based extraction to capture valuable health benefits from raw material. Using 100% natural and environmentally-friendly processes, we’re able to turn that raw material into highly bioactive ingredients.

All-natural, water extraction

Our 100% Aqua Pure® water extraction produces bioactive ingredients, using only water. No alcohol, solvents or chemicals are used. We are the only company in the world to produce water-extracted ingredients from these New Zealand fruit.

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Highly bioactive

New Zealand grown grape seeds contain as much as twice the level of polyphenolic antioxidant compounds as grapes grown elsewhere in the world. This allows us to produce extracts with significantly concentrated levels of bioactivity.

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What’s New

Supply Side West

NZ Extracts releases actiVLayr®

A new anti-wrinkle skin care technology

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NZ Extracts Digestive Helth

Enzymes | Fiber | Prebiotics

Ingredients for digestive health

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NZ Extracts Oxi-Fend

New product!

Cardiovascular & Inflammatory Health Formulation

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